Rise and Shine Online Program 

This is an opportunity to:

Let go of stress and anxiety once and for all,

To feel Empowered & Gain Self Confidence,

& Create the future you want.

Allow Sheila to help you cope in these uncertain times helping you to Rise and Shine. 

Please take the time to watch the 2 minute video clip.  

Sheila's clients generally see her for weight loss, quit cigarettes, anxiety, depression, gambling issues, pain, relationship issues, stress and much more.

Sheila has created the Rise & Shine Online Program especially to put aside these labels. To remove the Band-Aid, when we do this it allows us to heal the repressed emotions that are holding you back from the living the life you deserve.

You may experience emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, conflict and fear. 

During this program, you will feel more empowered, gain SELF - Confidence & create the future you want.

The combined modalities Sheila's worked with for the past 10 years including Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) will allow you to make the changes you need to move forward from the comfort of your own home.

If you feel you have been hiding, smiling on the outside but struggling on the inside, you may have created habits to numb the pain please call me to arrange your Online Rise & Shine Program just for you. We can discuss this on the phone prior to arranging your appointment to see if you meet the criteria required and if this feels right for you. 

The Rise and Shine Full Program is based over 3 x 90 minute online appointments.

Of course this can continue beyond the program if you need continued support.  

The Rise and Shine Online Program includes

An Initial complimentary phone call to discuss your needs, if the program is suitable to your needs Sheila will design the program especially to suit your needs.

Phone & Email support during appointments as needed. 

MP3 Recording. 

Please allow 2 weeks in between appointments. 

Sheila takes a lot of pride in taking the time to individualise each persons rise and shine program. 

Please Contact Sheila to discuss your needs and arrange your appointment. 

Please read below the Testimonial Bianca has kindly shared from her Online experience with Sheila for her Chronic Health and Anxiety issues. 


When I approached Sheila for help, I was at my wits end. I had undergone hypnotherapy twice with two other practitioners, without success. The medication I was prescribed for my severe psoriasis and arthritis was not working as effectively as it should and my stress and anxiety levels were increasing. Sheila was a breath of fresh air! Her expertise, forethought and planning, insight and compassion made the sessions we had together not only an enjoyable and uplifting experience, but gave me the means to help myself heal. Bianca, Noosa - April 2020