Turn your Child's Stress, Anxieties & Fears into Resilience & Confidence 

Turning Your Child's Stress into 


The video above just takes 2 minutes to watch. This clip is relevant more to older children and teens showing you how teaching your child resilience and valuable life skills is crucial.

Turn Your Child's Fears & Anxieties into Confidence

This 2 minute video clip is relevant more to primary school age children. Remember also we all have the little child within.  Showing how turning your child's fears and anxieties into confidence.

Sheila Henley - The Stress Buster

Helping your Child find their 


through these challenging times.  

Using Sheila's simple approach 

with the modalities she works including 

Hypnosis, EFT Coaching & EFT 

helps children and teenagers manage stress 

and develop their own ability

to use mental skills for their well being and success!

Stress in students can lead to poor academic achievement, 

apathy, depression, behavioral problems.

At a time when schools are increasingly under pressure 

and both students and teachers face higher levels of stress.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila 

can consider alternative approaches to address these issues.

Research studies found 

that teenagers who stress about doing well in their exams 

are likely to get lower results than peers who remain calmer!

It is estimated that one in ten children and young people aged 5-16 

suffer from a mental health difficulty 

this is around three children in every school class.

Giving children the right help early on can set them up for life.
Teaching them resilience and valuable life skills is crucial.

Using a simple approach 

helps children and teenagers 

manage stress and develop their own ability 

to use mental skills for their well being and success.

Young children can grow into their fears, instead of growing out of them.

Young children can learn the skills they need to lead a full and happy life.

As they get older 

the growing importance of social status 

leads to social comparisons and worries about social acceptance.

As a Clinical Practitioner Sheila considers 

not only what your child is worrying about, 

but more so how that worry is impacting your child's functioning.

Help is needed when a child is experiencing too much worry!

For these children anxiety is not protecting them, 

but rather preventing them from fully participating 

in typical activities of 

daily life-school, friendships, academic performance.

It is important for children to identify their self-talk, 

because anxious thoughts lead to anxious feelings, 

which lead to anxious behaviour.

If we teach children how worry works, 

they can challenge and outsmart the worry themselves.

This worry wisdom gives kids 

a sense of power 

which they can take with them wherever they go.

Is your child or teenager experiencing issues such as 


self confidence issues, 


peer pressured, 

being bullied, or being a bully, 


fears and phobias, 

learning difficulties, 

toileting issues or some other emotion?

This is an opportunity to tap into your 

child's self confidence 

with the modalities Sheila works with 


Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching 

& Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

EFT is where we tap on the body, 

similar to acupuncture but without the needles. 

We are working on a cellular level allowing these stuck emotions 

to be released in a very short amount of time. 

This allows your child to feel more 

relaxed and confident and release worries and fears.

EFT is a self help tool your child can use beyond their appointment any time the need arises. 
It only takes a few minutes as children learn the technique very quickly. 

Following EFT and NLP Coaching in your child's session they will relax even more with Hypnotherapy, where your body heals in this state at a cellular level as we work with the unconscious mind.

Sheila can also help your child learn how to put themselves 

in what she calls a learning state 
so your child can concentrate more in class 
without getting distracted 
by what's going on in class and around them, 
yet still be involved. 

Prior to being a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach Sheila worked with Children as a Teachers Aide for 9 years with children 

ranging from Primary school age to high school with behaviour and learning difficulties.  

With this experience helps to bring the rapport Sheila has with children to a deeper level helping your child feel more comfortable and at ease, more quickly. 

Please note a parent will need to be present with your child under 14 years. 

Sheila can support your child by an initial complimentary phone call with the parent to discuss your child's needs.

Once we decide to work together with the issues discussed a package will be arranged to allow time to work with the child.  

This generally includes 3 x 1 hour appointments from the comfort of your own home, online in zoom or in person. 

Your child will also receive a support MP3 recording to listen to. 

This 3 appointment package is ideal as this allows Sheila time to follow up and support your child to reach their goal. 

Children do not need as long per session as an adult.  Hence the 3 x one hour package instead of 90 minutes for adults. 

Please note just as much time goes into preparing each session as actually working with the child in the session, 
as Sheila tailors each program to suit the individual child. Please Contact Sheila to discuss your child's needs.