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About Sheila 

Sheila Henley is the business owner of Your Pathway To Health.

From an early age Sheila knew she wanted to make a difference in some way. 

Sheila's experience that led her to do what she does today includes 9 years of working as a teachers aid special working with children at her local school with learning and behavioural problems.  

In 2003 with Sheila's children soon to be all but left home and with more time on her hands Sheila became a volunteer phone counsellor for suicide prevention. 

Around this same time Sheila found a nutritional product she began traveling to markets and expos sharing her growing knowledge of health and well being. 

After 6 years of volunteering as a suicide phone counsellor at this point, being farmers in their 2nd year of drought, the drought continued for a total of 10 years Sheila soon learnt how long term stress can impact our health. 

With this knowledge Sheila decided she would like to work one on one with clients in her own business with her main focus being prevention is easier than cure.

Sheila began to study in the field of firstly Reiki, then Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).


Sheila proudly opened her business Your Pathway To Health in 2010.  In 2011 Sheila qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

Sheila wanted to bring her clients even more success and became a Quit Cigarettes Specialist in 2011, followed by courses in healthy weight for life and diabetes prevention to bring her clients even more combining the modalities with basic health and nutrition awareness  as well.

Sheila also has an Intuitive side and after attending several courses such as Angel Intuitive and Certified Oracle Card Reader this allows this side to shine through even more.  

She enjoys sharing weekly and monthly oracle card readings on her face book page Your Pathway To Health as a way to connect with her followers to bring inspiration and guidance as well as focusing on health and well being. 


Over the past 11 years Sheila has travelled to work with her clients in various locations including West Wyalong, Wagga, Tumut, Parkes, Griffith and from her home in Ungarie, Ungarie is where she is currently working on line. 

Sheila has enjoyed hosting Women's Nurture Yourself Back To Nature Well Being retreats in Tumut where she shared her love of making a difference in the beautiful surroundings of nature.

During Covid Sheila enjoyed upskilling with technology and began working with groups online programs with groups making it more affordable and fun for her clients and individually of course.

In 2017 Sheila became a published author of her first book ''Bloom Where You Are Planted - Inspirational Messages and Guidance in Nature with Sheila Henley''. Sheila combined her passion of inspirational messages and guidance with her love of taking photos in nature. Sheila calls herself the accidental author as it was never her intention to write a book, taking photos in nature just allows her to recharge and enjoy being in the moment. The coffee table style book where you can open to any page for some guidance and inspiration just evolved. It's now a tool she loves to share as each person can take different meaning from their current situation. 

In 2018 Sheila enjoyed creating The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart Program, combining an eBook along with 12 x 3 minute audios on each of the keys with a guided meditation.  In March 2021 Sheila updated the program and combined the audios and guided meditation in the eBook as an online paperflow version. 

Also in March 2021 Sheila qualified as a Internationally Certified Mindfulness for Children Teacher bringing more awareness and tools for both children and adults. 

Most recently Sheila has trained in many specific areas to bring her clients even more including Menopause relief, Heal The Inner Child and going even deeper into mindfulness with an online program.

Sheila continues to work with her clients in a lovely room in the front of her home (when able with covid) and also enjoys working with her clients online on zoom.

Sheila is a farmers wife and mother of 3 grown up children & now a proud Nan of 2 grandchildren and enjoys having that life work balance working.

Sheila shares a monthly newsletter most recently now with a new and improved version if you'd like to subscribe please click fill in the subscribe section on the Contact Sheila page. 

Juice Plus mentioned above is where Sheila's Health and Well being journey began. Sheila is very passionate about health and well being.

Juice Plus is 17 fruits and veggies in a capsule and chewable form. Sheila has taken Juice Plus personally for over 18 years and recommends it to her clients. 

Juice Plus is very Scientific Studied in leading universities all over the world.  Please visit Sheila's Juice Plus website to learn more.