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About Sheila 

Sheila Henley business owner of Your Pathway To Health is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach & Reiki Practitioner. 

Sheila lives in a small country town in Central West of NSW Australia where she works with her clients in a lovely room in the front of her home, hence her clients generally travelling quite a distance to see her she's very grateful for. Sheila is a farmers wife and mother of 3 grown up children & now a proud nan of 2 as well.


With the current times Sheila is pleased to say she's now working online with her clients which saves travel time and extra expense as well for her clients as being able to support those even more from further afar places.

From an early age Sheila knew she wanted to make a difference in some way. Her interest in the Health and Wellness Industry began in 2003 when they were in their 2nd year of drought which ended up being a 10 year drought Sheila wanted to do more.  

For 6 years Sheila volunteered for phone counselling for suicide prevention and also promoting a nutritional product travelling to markets and expos for 6 years as well, Sheila soon learnt that stress impacts our health and wellbeing immensely. 

In 2008 Sheila began to study in the fields of Reiki, Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching, with her main focus being that on prevention is easier than cure. In 2011 Sheila proudly qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist,  following specialising in Quit Cigarettes Program, health and nutrition courses and much more. 

Sheila is also a Certified Angel Card Reader allowing her spiritual side to shine through.  

For the past 4 years along with working one on one with her clients Sheila holds periodical women's retreats in Tumut sharing her love of nature in the beautiful surroundings, she also works from Tumut monthly for several days a month. As you can imagine with the current circumstances this is not currently possible, but what is possible is we can still connect online. Sheila's recent excitement is she is working with groups online with her weight loss program making it more affordable and fun.   

Sheila is a published author of her first book called ''Bloom Where You Are Planted - Inspirational Messages and Guidance in Nature with Sheila Henley''. Sheila has combined her passion of inspirational messages and guidance with her love of taking photos in nature. Sheila calls herself the accidental author as it was never her intention to write a book, taking photos in nature just allows her to be in the moment. The book just evolved. It's now a tool she likes to share with her clients as each person can take different meaning from for their current situation.Notice the photo above of Sheila blowing on the dandelion, sending our hopes and dreams out to the universe.  Without a plan it's just a dream, Sheila can help you with your plans to help you reach your goal.   

The modalities Sheila works with along with her intuition that comes through from working with energy work allows her to go to a level where she can get to the core of the persons issues in a short amount of time allowing her clients to move forward on their pathway to health journey.

Please connect with Sheila on her new Blogs page for the most current up to date topic sharing tips to help you through these challenging times we face, also on her face book page Your Pathway To Health to receive daily guidance and inspiration regarding Health & Wellbeing and so much more. 

Sheila's website is a work in progress, where she enjoys updating herself.  It's a place Sheila enjoys keeping everything in one place so please pop back occasionally to stay connected. 

Juice Plus is Where Sheila's Health and Wellbeing journey began. Sheila is very passionate about health and well being and personally takes and uses products that are natural and plant based such as Juice Plus. 

Juice Plus is 17 fruits and veggies in a capsule and chewable form. Sheila has taken Juice Plus personally for over 17 years now and recommends it to her clients. Check out the Scientific Studies on Sheila's website to learn more.